Tekirdag 2003 

Santiago de Compostela 2005

Passing round the Historical Hungary 2006

Kazakhstan 2009 

21th May 2009. Gábor Zsolnai, Dr. István Bencze, and Péter Csepin flew to Kazkhstan, where they buy horses and on the path of the archer nations along the Tien-San mountains they are heading to west. Steppes, half-deserts, and deserts. In the beginning the coldness, than since may the real Middle-Asian boiling heat pamper them. The average temperature is 40-47 degrees centigrade, on the hottest day measures the mercury in the thermometer 52 degrees centigrade. They reach the Russian border in three months, where they have to fight with the bureaucracy. István travels home after four days to help the two determined travellers from home. After waiting eighteen days, can Gábor and Péter finally leave Kazakhstan, and enter Russia. The Russian treat them very cordially, bacause of their costumes they are thought to be Cossack, when it turn out, that they are Hungarian Hussars, they receive applause, they enjoy big esteem. Mrs. Gabriella Csepin Keményik travels to the Crimean Peninsula with the then one and a half years old Szilárd Csepin and accompany them. The homecoming is not easy because of the horses, the High-Speed Reactive Subordinate Unite of the „Bakonyi Poroszkálók” helps them. They arrive at Várpalota on 3 October. During the six months they have ridden 6714 km.

2012 Northern Raid