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  2. Hello,

    What´s happens now and where are you? I hope your horses are well and you can go on with your tour. I am sorry for what´s happens with you.


    • Dear Monica,

      The Hussars are now on their way, they got back the horses and the permission to continue today.


      Laca Szabo, Bakonyi Poroszkálók

  3. I guess you could look on the bright side and say that the horses, at least, got a well deserved rest. You can’t really say that for the Huszars! Not counting the lawyers, police and judges, you did get to interact with some of the locals.

    I find that many people do not understand the Eurasian Horse Breeds. They can’t see that just because a horse is not 15-16 Hands High, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the stamina for hard work. Most Mongolian horses are barely 14 H.H. You don’t see them calling the Vet every other day!

    Now you’re behind the season and have to make the Arctic Circle and get back again. As the popular T.V. show says,…”Winter Is Coming”.

    Good Luck with the Mosquitoes and Black Flies!

    Kun Jakab

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